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Qatar Cargo gets new sales, administration team

ATLANTA, Feb 25 (WorldACD) - Qatar Airways Cargo sales and administration is now handled by a new joint management cooperative of Atlanta-based Air Logistics America, Inc. and Los Angeles-based Air Cargo Promotion, Inc., the company said Wednesday.

Under this new program that started February 12, Qatar Airways’ U.S. presence will entail an entirely new look and infrastructure. This will include a nationwide sales and customer service coverage and enhanced interline programs.

Using a mix of modern Airbus aircraft and scheduled freighter operations, Qatar Airways cargo provides one of the most comprehensive service packages to the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent. As one of the world’s fastest growing airlines, Qatar Airways Cargo will be bringing their unique brand of service to the U.S. market with a re-dedicated focus that includes special emphasis on market penetration and superior service.

Qatar Airways regional sales and service locations are Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Washington, D.C. and clients can now benefit from a number of interline services to the carrier’s own gateways in Europe. This also includes Full Freighter uplifts from the United States connecting to Qatar Airway’s recently introduced Airbus 300 Freighter services to Doha, Delhi and Madras.

A new trucking service from Doha to neighboring Saudi Arabia has also recently been introduced. With over 40 locations in 20 countries, Air Logistics Group is one of the world’s largest cargo General Sales Agents. Air Cargo Promotion is one of the largest General Sales Agents in the Southern U.S.