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ALG Pharma Workshop - May 2024

The specialist Pharma team in Air Logistics Group held its fourth Pharma workshop in Rome on the 21st to 23rd May 2024, and was attended by a number of 'pharma champions' from Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, India, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, alongside the Pharma team from Rome & Nairobi.

The workshop brought together employees from across the network, providing a great opportunity for colleagues to combine and improve their knowledge on the complex pharma supply chain. SkyCell container providers presented their products and solutions, and the team covered numerous topics with presentations and live demos of systems and tools that have been developed as part of the ALG pharma product over the last 6 months.

The participants also enjoyed a delicious lunch, sponsored by SkyCell.

“Our fourth Pharma workshop was another great success" comments Francesco Di Martino, Pharma Development Director, Air Logistics Group, "We continue to develop our pharma platform with the support of our pharma champions across the network, whose expertise and experience help us to build the best possible tool for our customers around the world.”